What is Inspire Improvement? 

It’s an ideaWe have the ability to learn from one another. By relating to one another, we eliminate the dog-eat-dog mentality and grow.

It’s a project. Our goal is to create a place to collaborate with others and share our combined experiences. 

It’s a dare. Push the envelope. Discover something new. You are only limited by your courage.

Our lives are a culmination of accomplishments and mistakes that we call experience. These experiences provide opportunities for growth.

Inspire Improvement currently offers:

  • Career Interest Exploration
  • College Planning
  • FAFSA Application Help
  • Scholarship Application Help
  • Resume Review
  • Skill Sharing Workshops

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Fork in the Road

After 4 years of university coursework, I finally have my bachelor’s degree. While I expected to feel exuberant I find myself more daunted than anything. It may be because getting here wasn’t easy. I find myself winded, much as one would be after climbing up a mountain trail. While most find the road to a … Continue reading Fork in the Road

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